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Our quarterly print journal Sijo West gave rise to this site. It is currently on hiatus, but if we ever get it up and running again, you will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, enjoy these sijo. Some were selected from SW and others from our discussion group, Sijoforum. Still others come from open submissions, so feel free to send us yours for consideration.

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Donald Lanska

Afloat on these black waters,
snow on the stones around us.

There is nothing more to be offered
than bodies clothed only in mist.

We feel so near to heaven,
despite the scent of sulfur.


together at the seashore drizzling wet sand through our fingers
weird formations point skyward drip-castles in odd proportions
whiling away the summer what of childkind on other planets ?

felt so human in my heartache meant to die and kill the pain
at first blush this autumn morn poised atop a rocky precipice
I searched for one good omen ~ much obliged, O river otter!

fell fast asleep wracked with pain winter's cold wrath upon me
awake things went from bad to worse a woebegone wretch was I
nothing could warm me short of spring until two coyote puppies

Debi Bender

Tell me, Moon, who follows who, as we travel this darkened road?
Only silence answers; with the cold winter you’ve grown distant.
Even so, you are closer than friends in my far-off home.

You look fine, watermelon, round and ripened, plump and firm.
Come, I'll carry you down to the lake; there we can cool your skin.
Outside, so pretty, but tasteless; are your insides sweeter?

waiting here I'm hidden, among blossoms of wisteria
perfumed by petals, these longings rise, twine, intertwine and rise...
rise to break apart among clouds... silently break among clouds.

Mind, why do you tell me, this and that, although I never ask?
You use my eyes, my ears, my senses, but ignore my commands!
Already in hot water, I might as well take a bath.

Neca Stoller

I pick my way through weeds and thorns entangling empty land.
Silhouetted in the hazy twilight, a tall, stone chimney.
Standing alone, I still wonder -- Do you remember me?

Julie Damerell

your eyes dance under stars
hidden by clouds these many years

blue as a spring washed sky,
they see open wings not shadows

your fingers again find the curve
of a shore shifted, not gone

Dina E. Cox

summer is gone scattered lies my heart as these leaves of autumn
lingering crickets sing lustily -- where is my song of love?
my darling if you can touch me remind me who I am
after "Touch Me," by Stanley Kunitz

long we waited your arrival dreaming dreams of little boys
child of the child of my first passion here our universes meet
you gift us youth and innocence, we touch you and are healed

yesterday the lovebug virus confounded the world's great minds
today the planets align laugh at fears of Armageddon
through my window the red maple births a thousand thousand leaves

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