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Larry Gross

Larry Gross vita


Member, Florida State Poets Association
National Federation of State Poetry Societies


Larry Gross

Larry is a practicing poet, freelance writer, editor, lecturer, tutor and writing consultant with a PhD in Comparative Literature. He has more than 45 years experience in teaching poetry and creative writing, and his text How to Write and Publish Poetry (HWAPP) has been praised by poets and teachers in seven countries. He founded three poetry periodicals — Sijo West, HWUP! and The Tournament of Poetry.

Though he no longer publishes those, he is active on the Internet, where he maintains an extensive site on poetry called Poetry in theWORDshop. In addition, he is the moderator of three poetry forums: fspaforum, sijoforum, and Quotes for Poets. Other publishing credits include The Shakespeare Interviews, Francesa Da Rimini On Stage, The Path and Memories Of The Tennessee Hills. He has published haiku, tanka, sijo and other poetry in numerous US and international publications, both online and paper. His work appears in several anthologies, including Haiku Moment, Haiku Ancient and Modern (in both English, French and German editions), Wind Five Folded, and Tanka Splendor. He judged the 1995 Tanka Splendor competition.

He is a member of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and the Florida State Poets Association, under the auspices of which he founded and served as first president of the Big Bend Poets, a local chapter. His poetry has won many contests and awards, including the #1 Florida State Poets Award in both 2000 and 2001.

Larry lives in Tallahassee FL.

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