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theWORDshop Pages

Home of Larry Gross's theWORDshop.
The Sijo and links to other sites
Introduction to the Sijo, with several pages of examples and explanations.
Poetry Forms and Terminology
An ever-growing list of links to various poetry forms, genres and glossaries of terms.
Sayings of the Wise Shang-ti
Guru-ku, haiku-like proverbs by this off-center guru who lives high atop MacDonalds Golden arches in Tallahassee FL.

State and National Poetry Organizations

FSPA's Annual Poetry Contests
The National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS)
Local Chapters Of the Florida State Poets Association
A list of all local chapters, with contact persons, meeting info, etc.

Other Sites

American Academy of Poets
Contemporary poets contribute poems which can be read or listened to in the Listening Booth. Calendar of Events features mostly NYC items but is available for your postings. Contest information could prove valuable if you have unpublished books. Lists many poetry journals and 'zines, and lots of good articles about poets and poetry.
Academy of American Poets Literary Links
A wealth of links to poetry-related sites
American Library Association
The American Verse Project
Bartleby Library
Large collection of literary works, prose and poetry
Companion site to A&E's "Biography" TV series: Search database of about 25,000 biographies. Includes a Born on this Day feature, a listing of top 10 bios, discussion forums, and a Classroom section for students and teachers.
Brautigan Virtual Library
Another large collection of literary works, prose and poetry
Several of the biggest search engines under one roof
Catholic Encyclopedia
CIA World Factbook
The CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
Cowboy Poets on the Internet
The Favorite Poem Project
Folger's Shakespeare Library
Gale's Poetry Resources
Globe: Artists & Writers
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Guide to Poetry
InfoSurf Search
Valuable Information Please links to a large collection of search engines and other tools for literary searches and research.
Karkur's Prosody Resources
Library of Congress
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
Onelook Dictionary Dictionaries of every conceivable kind
The Poetry Bookshop
Said to be the largest collection of poetry books (over 2000 titles) for sale on the web, with a secure credit card ordering system and a range of delivery options.
Poetry Lover's Guide to WWW
The Poetry Resource
Poetry Society of Britain
Poets & Writers
Prairie Corners Reference
Quotes for Writers
Random Verse Lab
Experimental software that writes poetry. Think of it as a combined notepad and thesaurus. Create a template for a poem by specifying where you want verbs, nouns, and so on to appear; then the program generates a poem. If you don't like it, modify the template or change the list of words. Results are often peculiar and silly, but often serendipitous.
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Lots of contemporary poetry and links to much more poetry from past masters, who are listed alphabetically. Long list of links to individual poets' websites and other info of interest to poets. Well worth checking out.
Teachers & Writers Collaborative
Writer's Resource Center
Zuzu's Petals Literary Resources

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