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Poet at Large, Florida State Poets Associaiton

The Golden Years (?)

 My silver letter opener has made                          
     my heart quiver, my hands flutter                            
as it opened romantic love letters                         
    and mail from precious friends.                             
Now married for years, my letter opener                           
    slices open junk mail and                      
       BILLS, BILLS, BILLS!    

 ...Write Now, (1999 Space Coast Writers' Guild Newsletter); Space Coast Poets Anthology 2002.


Gloomy weather, trees bare,
shimmering leaves brown,
twisted, lying in a heap;
sun hiding behind gray clouds,
wind whistling by.
I don't yearn for riches or gold,
jewels are not my thing;
sunny skies, sandy beaches,
sandpipers running to and fro,
seagulls screeching your name,
undulating waves trickling to shore,
your face in Florida's sun.
Dreaming of being with you in 

 ...Literary Liftoff, 2:1, Winter 2006 
( Space Coast Writers' Guild, Inc.)

Selective Memory

Memory was excellent,
     addresses, telephone numbers
distant relatives, new friends;
    old age settling in,
brain shrinking or
    runneth over;
no longer storing words
    not used everyday,
useless information
     in this information age.
Just would like to remember
    where the car is parked,
(or where the car keys are).

 ...Back Home in Florida, a book of poetry by Anne Bonner

"seagulls screeching your name"

Anne Bonner
Anne is a fifth generation Floridian living in Melbourne. She has published a book of poetry, Back Home in Florida, recording the changes that occurred in Florida while she was living a nomadic existence as the wife of an Air Force fighter pilot for 26 years.  Her recent children's novel for ages 9-12, Secrets at Pine Haven—Civil War Comes to Florida, has a five star rating on Amazon. com.

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