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Sunshine Poets chapter
Florida State Poets Association

Beside the river
a fog crouches on a stone
enveloped in stone

**2nd Place, W.VA Haiku Award, 2002

Grandmother's House

Her house is gone and only bricks remain,
a fallen chimney, crumbled to the ground.
A mouse has nested in a plugged up drain,
with sprawling bracken pressing all around.
A slight depression choked with grass and weed
imprints the spot that once was Gram's abode,
inviting dreams, imagination freed,
with hints of some historic episode.
I come at dusk, reflecting on the past,
reviving soothing lullabies she played—
a hum of melodies that will not last;
I strive to catch the notes before they fade.
    I have a hazy view of rocking chair,
    and lavender is floating on the air.

**3rd Place, NFSPS Beymorlin Sonnet Award

A Chocoholic Forever

I've always had a tooth that's sweet,
loved every kind of chocolate treat.
I've had a million candy bars,
like Baby Ruth and Clark and Mars.
I love my morning cocoa drink,
it seems to keep me in the pink.
I find it very hard to share
my Rocky Road or one eclair.
Yet I've been know to hold a grudge
against a friend with pounds of fudge
who selfishly refused me some.
Oh, what a meanie she'd become.

Although it's soothing to the soul,
still all that sweetness takes its toll.
My weight was getting out of bounds,
I soon had reached two hundred pounds.
The doctor said, "You've got to change,
your pressure's going out of range,
cholesterol is much too high;
you keep this up and you will die."
But I can't give up what I love,
those chocolate treats I'm dreaming of.
I'll keep on eating them, I know.
I'll die, but what a way to go.

**2nd Place, NFSPS Award, 2005

Joyce Shiver

"and lavender is floating on the air"

Joyce began life in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the eldest of five children. Both parents were readers and her father loved poetry. She and her husband Jim have spent most of their lives in Florida, with stops in Guam and Japan along the way. Her serious interest in poetry began when she enrolled in Madelyn Eastlund’s creative writing course. She says, “My favorite form is the sonnet, but I love trying new forms.” Her poetry is a perennial winner in state and nationwide contests and has appeared in numerous state and national anthologies as well as poetry magazines. She also has published prose articles and her stories, written in rhyme, have appeared in various children’s magazines. Joyce has been a member of FSPA “for 19 or 20 years” and has served as membership chair, contest chair, and currently as youth contest chair. As if that weren’t enough, she is treasurer of FSPA’s Sunshine Poets chapter, plays tennis in her spare time, and does volunteer work at her church and local library.

(Photo by Elissa Malcohn: E_Journeys.)

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