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I am disposing of my large collection of trading cards. It includes baseball, football, basketball and a smattering of other sports, plus non-sports cards.

I will be continually updating the page as I sort cards. All cards listed here are available for immediate purchase. I am not a dealer or speculator; just a fan who has reached an age when he has to think about disposing of his collection.

I'll be happy to fill Want Lists.

Items are listed by name, year, company, sport, card number, and price.

Jordan, M. '90-91 Fleer BKB #26—4.00
1000 Asstd commons, minor stars & specials ('85-90, all brands) $30.00
Unopened box, '90-91 NBA Hoops BKB (36 packs)—$16.00
Unopned set, '89 Topps FB (396 cards)—$15.00


Boxes (unopened)

1981F vendor 500 box (500) (3)
1982F vendor 500 box (534) (20 boxes; each 4 boxes contain 3 complete sets plus extras
1982T vendor 500 box
1988D (36 packs)
1988F (36 packs) (1)
1989F (36 packs) (2)
1989D (36 packs) (6)
1989Sc (36 packs) (2)

Complete Sets

1973T 80% ex or better
1981F ex/mt (w/all errors)
1981F ex/mt (4)
1981D ex or better (w/all errors)
1982F ex/mt (10)
1982D ex/mt (9)
1983D ex/mt
1984T ex/mt
1985 Leaf ex/mt
1985T ex/mt (2)
1986T ex/mt
1987T ex//mt (2)


1980T Empire Strikes Back, series 1 w/stkrs

I'll be happy to fill special requests.

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