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The Florida State Poets Association
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Becoming a Member
We would be delighted to count you among the Florida State Poets Association members.

Sample the poetry of our fine poets on the Meet Our Poets pages.

Who Can Join?

Most members of FSPA are active in certified local chapters. Others are Poets at Large (PALs; also called Members at Large, MALs) . We welcome both experienced and beginning poets, as well as others interested in promoting the reading and appreciation of poetry.

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Why not start your own chapter?

A new local chapter may be formed by a group of five or more poets who agree to meet regularly. The group may apply to the FSPA for certification, elect its own officers, decide on dues, conduct regular meetings and sponsor local activities.

Some chapters publish their own newsletters and anthologies, sponsor contests, conduct workshops, participate in National Poetry Day activities and readings in schools, nursing homes, libraries and book stores. If a chapter doesn't exist near you, why not start your own?

How Can You Join?


Just write, phone or Email
your request for a
New Member Application to:

Peter Hanen
FSPA Membership Chair
P.O. Box 757
Crystal River FL 34423-0757
Phone: 352-795-6509

FSPA annual dues are $20
which includes membership
in the National Federation
of State Poetry Societies.

But you need not wait for an application.
You may join immediately
by writing a check for $20 (US)
made out to FSPA, Inc.
and mailing it to:

FSPA Membership Chair
P.O. Box 757
Crystal River FL 34423-0757.

Your Membership Card will be
sent to you by return mail.

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You may also wish to join many of our members
on our free forum:

The fspaforum (Open to FSPA members only)

Benefits of Joining

Above all, fellowship and networking with other poets.

Members share their poems and craft with other poets at local and statewide meetings. They receive the quarterly FSPA newsletter Of Poets and Poetry and the quarterly NFSPS newsletter Strophes. An annual anthology showcases poems from the members, who are also eligible to enter state and national poetry contests, many of them at reduced fees.

The FSPA is a non-profit statewide poetry organization certified by the State of Florida, so we are on the up-and-up.

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Statewide Meetings

Ordinarily, two statewide get-togethers are held each year: the Spring Fling in April and the annual convention in October.

As a member, you will have plenty of chances to meet with other poets both in person and through our fspaforum email group and our quarterly newsletter. Why not join now?

For further information, contact our President:

Bob Blenheim
Daytona Beach FL
Phone: 386-506-9930

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