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A Renga consisting of 36 verses in an alternating 3 lines/2 lines pattern.

For an introduction to Renga, go here.

A few reminders. Avoid repeating the same noun or verb in the work. Switch subject matter so there are not too many verses on food or water, etc. Link ONLY to the verse above and not to any other. Observe the distribution of Moon, Flower and Love verses. Use the words insects and dreams only once in a poem and never use the word woman [I'm not making this up!] Each link should identify the writer.

For your reference, the type of verse is included in brackets [ ] after each verse. SP=spring; SU=summer; A=autumn; W=winter; N=non-seasonal or relating to persons

broken, A Spring Renga between Sharon Dunn and Larry Gross
squeaky spring poem on the blackboard in white chalk broken into sections [SP] atop the garden's fresh loam an inchworm haults my shovel [SP] new leaf splashes green casting a light of its own against gray clouds [SP] stray black cat on the porch one blue eye, one yellow [N] October rattles alabaster suns and moons windchiming her song [A/MOON] unnoticed in the fall furrow a cherokee arrowhead [A] [same person writes next link] skipping pebbles on cemetery pond grampa and I [A] old hands tightly holding on steering each other's footsteps [N/LOVE] gazebo wedding waving them away two love bugs [N/LOVE] dancing under paper lights along with paper-winged moths [N/LOVE] if they only could would they pin me up for mere display [N] brown bat plucks an easy meal from sticky spider webbing [N] behind the willows spangled across the lake too lunar fragments [SU / MOON] honeysuckle climbing high entangled among the stars [SU] teenage couple leaves the park concert to feel their music [SU] Hansel and Gretel dreaming black hen cackles in the dark [N] april breeze one azalea blossom sways my concentration [SP / FLOWER] mother-to-be takes a walk scouting for buggy bumpers [SP] [same person writes next link] on rain-washed driveway the first one of the season freshly drawn hopscotch [SP] the purple mountains hazy as abstract thought [N] fishing boat gently rocks on frog pond dredging up haiku [N] crushed cherry creme donut on the curb by the bakery [N] hard against the frost encasing pink eruptions tiny gray buds [W] even the sluggish fly avoids turkey leftovers [W] wrapped up together we look like a fat cocoon in the string hammock [N/LOVE] cry of the loon at dusk recalls an absent friend [N/LOVE] you flash a bright smile and smooth the crinkled edges of eternity [N/LOVE] both scientist and prophet search the heavens for clues [N] inscrutable under a cool silver moon my mother's face [A / MOON] with his pinocchio nose poking the doorbell for treats [A] [same person writes next link] circling crows wait for the picker's jaws to drop more corn [A] swept away by the west wind straw footprints on the brick road [N] first date behind the glossy menu he checks his wallet [N] bag lady rummages for her trusty alarm clock [N] red clover its scent on the breeze lures a bee [SP / FLOWER] shattered vase on the sill chards of crystal rainbows [SP] [relates to #1 and closes work]
Date started: 1/31/02 Date finished: 5/9/02

Created: 081010

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