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Duomo detail

young stonemason
slowly his work improves
on the old cathedral

(Brussels Sprout, Sep 92; Shiki, 97-98)

abandoned church
sunbeam and two squirrels
in the pew

(Parnassus, Sum 92; Shiki 4/15/97)

the cat
opens Christmas

(Pine Needles, Winter 1990)

hen nesting
quietly in the corner
a rooster crow

his first Christmas
unwrapping the package
popping the bubbles

(LYNX, 4:1:16, 1992; Shiki, 12/3/98)

walking from church
into the higher canon
of wind and trees

(Haikuforum, 1/30/00; Shiki, 02/1597; New Cicada, Win 1991)

Sunday sermon
first a glance then a tap
on the watch

(Shiki, 7/6/97; Haiku Headlines, Nov 1992)

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