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The Florida State Poets Association

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The Florida State Poets Association is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization founded in October 1974 and chartered by the State of Florida in July 1979. We are a member of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and maintain local chapters throughout the state.

The primary objectives of FSPA are to secure a wider recognition of poetry, foster its practice, appreciation and enjoyment in all segments of society, and assist Florida poets in the development of their craft by promoting increased public recognition for the art and craft of poetry, providing opportunities for the study of poetry, and offering incentives for the writing and reading of poetry.

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Our chartered local chapters hold monthly meetings. In addition, we hold two statewide meetings each year: A Spring Fling in April and the Annual Convention in October. All members of local chapters and Members at Large are encouraged to participate.

For further information, contact our President:

Bob Blenheim
Daytona Beach FL
Phone: 386-506-9930

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