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Translation Sites

These sites translate words, phrases, text groups, or whole webpages. Some have a greater variety of languages available than do others. Most offer some level of free service, while some offer more complex (and more accurate) services for a price.

Translates text or webpages from one language into a variety of others, including English.
Easy-to-use site for rapid translations of text or web pages into or from a foreign language.
Simple translation up to 150 words from and to a variety of languages. Offers access to a variety of other translation and language services.

Google Translate
Easy-to-use translation of text or entire web page into or from 24 different languages. The Translated Search option enables you to do a Google search for pages in one language and have them translated into the language of your choice.
Not a translation site, but offers a variety of translation software and devices, including pocket dictionaries and translators.

word2word Free Online Translation Services
Not a translation site, but offers links to a variety of free online translation services, as well as dictionaries, language courses, word forums and more. Its Poetry Through Language site offers poetry in a variety of languages.

WorldLingo: Free Online Language Translator
Translates text, document, website or email from and to a variety of languages. The free translator has a limit of 150 words. You can pay for larger jobs.

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