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The Poetry of Michael J. Carducci
President, Big Bend Poets chapter, Tallahassee FL
Florida State Poets Association

The Rainbow

The rains came, clouds billowed
Sun rays meshed in the mist.
Light permeated and refracted.
A most beautiful arc of the spectrum
purple, red, yellow through blue
colors semi circled around the sky.

The physics clear, science specific.
Mysteries of God’s beauty remain.
Where cometh and where goeth
Simple science, mystery says no.

The beauty of nature unfolds
in a myriad of ways that may be
clinically explained but never
duplicated in the minds of man.

Three Haiku

Long before birth
Forever after death
Love is heritage of families

Great memories of life
family bonds together
love is eternal

Share memories
families unite
love is husband and wife

Life Is Like a Pebble

There I stood my foot on the rail.
Looking at the water below,
Sparkle and shimmer reflections.

With no one present I queried.
Why was I here? Why do I live?
Am I alone in this earth of ours?

Do I have a reason to be I asked?
Why am I so questioning now?
I have all my children to love.

Friends and family talk to me.
God is patient with my faults.
A pebble fell into water below.

Splashing a wave in all directions
Around and around circles each.
Then I understood the questions.

More important I recognize why.
Circles I watched below focused
Waves were concurrent circles.

A pebble falls like life itself,
Drops from sight not seen again.
The circles continue around.

Around and around to answer,
No life falls from sight unseen.
People’s influences are circles.

The circles continue around
Around and around to tell us
Each life affects all around.

No one life is alone but moves
Everything as it passes away.
Affects in circles and spreads.

In circle after circles it moves.
Around and around it goes,
Everyone influences all around.

Where Were You on 911?

The little girl cried sadly for her father gone.
Wife’s eyes had tears for her passed husband.
A mother shroud forever lost her beloved son.
I WAS THERE helping them with all my love.

A fireman cried help as the building toppled.
The smoke so dense it blackened over his face.
A broken child sent “home” to rest in peace.
I WAS THERE soothing their bleeding hearts.

The policeman was directing the people away.
His patrol car lights screaming out the danger.
His heart stopped, the building collapsed on him.
I WAS THERE comforting his tangled body.

Awaiting, but resigned to their fate, called home.
Their destination not to be reached as they dialed.
I Love you were words to his wife he pleaded.
I WAS THERE putting faith in their wedded bond.

The man on the stairway prayed to GOD for help.
A woman seated in her office on floor 107 cried.
A son yet to wed called his fiancée to say goodbye.
I WAS THERE consoling their distress and pleas.

A pained mother called tenderly to her child gone.
A distressed child called for her mother no longer.
She had passed never more to see, to love, to hold.
I WAS THERE calming, soothing the tears of pain.

Who helped the survivors from impossible danger?
What improbable rescue do you remember so clear?
How did many thousand people survive this terror?
I WAS THERE guiding future memories to develop.

WHERE WERE YOU on 911 that infamous year?
GOD thundered for eternity HIS message to hear.
I WAS THERE on 911 FOREVER for all to heed.

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship are two of
        Gods greatest gifts to man,
Combined you offer them as
        you extend forward your hand.
Not sharing these great gifts
        you have no room left to store,
When sharing Love and Friendship
        you always have room for more.

My wish and thoughts for you are
        My Love and Friendship.

Michael J. Carducci

Stream, Gardiner River, Yellowstone NP
"Life is like a pebble."

MIKE, President of FSPA’s Big Bend Poets chapter in Tallahassee, is a retired vice president of Forbes 100 corporations and is listed in National Register’s Executives Who’s Who. Now a business consultant, he has written articles for various industry publications. Mike's interest in poetry was aroused when a professor required his reading and writing poetry about a famous ancestor of his, an Italian poet. In love with poetry, he writes for enjoyment but has not entered contests or sought publication, though the International Poetry Hall of Fame published his poem "Mother’s Love," and other poems of his have been published on the Internet and in newspapers. Mike’s wife is deceased, but he shares his poems with family and friends. He enjoys when others enjoy his poetry. He hopes you enjoy them, too.

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