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The Poetry of Carl McKever Jr., President/Chairman
Surf and Verse Poets chapter, Florida State Poets Association

A Divine Answer

As I sit in my room
Closed up from the world.
I meditate on my problems
And look for a divine answer.

I call out to You night after night
Waiting for a divine answer.
Tears keep falling and falling
As I lose hope by the second.

Speak to my heart
And show me the way.
I need You now
To keep me, I pray.

No one understands the pain I feel
This pain in my heart seems so unreal.
I am lonely and need a Friend
Precious Lord, walk with me and hold my hand.

Stress from family and college studies
What's more to expect?
You give me peace to deal with it all.
You give me strength so that I don't fall.

Help me understand
That trials make you strong.
Your anointed presence
Is where I belong.

Everything happens
For some reason.
All the agony and pain
Only lasts for a season.

My joy, peace, and breakthrough
Is on its way.
Help me to wait patiently
Until that blessed day.

The Qualities of A Loving Mother

Her hands are meant to hug and embrace;
Compassion and mercy being expressed on her face.
A woman who would give her life for her child
A kiss with soft words that brings about a smile.

Her eyes to discern good and bad
She's number one priority, and then comes dad.
Her heart beats fast when her child's in danger
She teaches her child not to talk to strangers.

Out of her belly, her child is born
Belts and hands are used to scorn.
She prays and prays both night and day
She shelters her child with a place to stay.

Her feet are used as a compass and guide
Her soul follows her child side by side
Her child is a piece of her soul
A price that's more precious than any silver or gold.

In My Depressing Moment

Sometimes I feel like a stranger
Wrapped in a world, full of danger.
My soul panteth for friendship and love.
So, I lift my head to the skies above.

No one understands the way I feel
The pain in my heart seems so unreal.
Nobody loves me and nobody cares!
Why must my life seem so unfair?

Life is filled with toils and snares;
Crosses to carry and burdens to bear.
God is with you every second of the day;
He understands your pain and hears you when you pray.

Stand on God's promises and He'll bring you through
Cause there's nothing too hard for Him to do.
God will bring joy in the time of sorrow;
He'll give you hope and peace for tomorrow.

O' taste and see that the Lord is good!
He will do everything He said He would.
Trust in the Lord and never doubt!
God's mercy and grace shall surely bring you out.

A Journey through Life

I have had so many ups and downs
I don't know how much more to take.
My world is silent,
My mind feels like an earthquake.
I catch myself falling into a lot of troubles;
I try to fix it and the problem just doubles.
Every day is a new day of pain;
I have been through the snow, sleet, and rain.
Sometimes all I can do is cry,
And I found myself telling God why.
I sometimes feel that my goodness is being taken for granted.
I wish I could fly away and live on another planet.
I look around and see dark clouds from my window;
I begin to notice that my heart starts pounding slow.
I pray to God for confidence and boldness
And to eradicate my heart's extreme coldness.
Then I feel the light of the sun again
Beaming through my soul.
I have conquered my day
And my trials have become old.

Carl McKever Jr.


CARL was born in 1988 at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale to the lovely parents of Angela McKever and Carl McKever Sr. When Carl came into this world, he was very sick and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks; he hated the incubator and tried to fight the nurse to get out.

At age 16, He began writing poetry just for fun. That was also the year he was saved and began writing poetry for the glory of God, giving his poetry a new perspective.

He graduated from Blanche Ely High School in 2007. After a summer spent enjoying himself, he began studies in Information Technology at the ITT Technical Institute in Fort Lauderdale, from which he plans to graduate in September 2009. After graduation, he intends to pursue his studies at DeVry University, majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS).

Since he was 16 years old, Carl has been called the Florida State Poetry Ambassador. He has written poems for publication through the International Library of Poetry, and has continued to write poetry, self-publishing his first mini-book, Poetic Expressions, in January 2009. He plans to publish his autobiography by October 2009.

On March 15, 2008, he joined the Florida State Poets Association and established a local chapter of FSPA (the Surf and Verse Poetry Club ) at ITT. As chairman of the chapter, he has been extremely active and hopes to continue to be so in the future. In addition, Carl has recently been appointed FSPA Web Administrator.

In February 2008, he began Calling and Ministry Studies (CAMS) through the Church of God Headquarters, from which he graduated with certificate in May 2008, though the graduation ceremony wasn’t held until the Annual State Convention in June. He plans to continue ministerial studies through the Church of God Headquarters until he possesses his Minister’s license.

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