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The Poetry of Jane Hutto
Big Bend Poets chapter, Florida State Poets Association

Testing the Waters

Variation on a Lil Ann Poem

Because the sea was set in sapphire hues,
Inviting dips that summed more than a few,
One day I swam out from a pebbled shore
To taste the ocean's briny white-capped spume.
My bare feet touched its depth of sandy floor--
I wandered through each green sea-weedy room
Because the sea was set in sapphire hues,
Inviting dips that summed more than a few.

The Down Payment

By way of the piney woods and up Hunter Avenue
Alicia Miller leaves her treasured forest of teak,
Ash, and bay (a showroom of graininess) and,
In her estimation, the ultimate link to an
Installment of plausible selective pay up.
This illumination came not from the availability of
Self-seeking documents, but through ponderous
Extroversion, her authority nonofficial, yet
Common to those who decide to owe nothing.
As fleet as a gazelle, and with the ease of mallards
On a meadow's pond, Alicia progresses along
Shallow Brook Way toward her nemesis, innocent
Of malice, her only objective that of restitution.

Jesting, laughing

Jesting, laughing,
Under no obligation to
Solve the world's problems,
Together we reviewed

Long past experiences,
Intent on the nearness of kin.
Kindness hovered in each and
Every corner, the

Old house a havenfor
Love's endurance.
Determined to ride out

The storms that threatened,
Intent on each other's need,
Missing not a single nuance,
Everyone in this reunion
Savored the pleasures of the day.


A French Sonnet

They met 'neath leafy sky-stretched trees
And spoke of endless shining seas.

With chubby hands and rounded arms
In careless, happy groups of threes
The children played "Trinkets and Charms."

Mothers called them in for lunches
And routine duties must be done;
Afternoons found friends in bunches
Frolicking in the long day's fun.

Why do youngsters seem to squander
Timelessness and sun-drenched pleasures,
Wanting all the while to wander?

It's just a part of childhood's plan,
Before the boy becomes the man.

Jane Hutto

"...the sea was set in sapphire hues"

JANE, a graduate of Florida State University living now in Greenville FL, started writing verse as a child, having had a fascination with words for as long as she can remember. Her mother, Mary, a former teacher from the Tennessee hills, let Jane play with her textbooks and draw on their back pages. Later, living in Florida, her mother also read to Jane and taught her how to memorize short lines.

Jane's work has been published in the small presses and Online. She is grateful to the many editors and judges who have recognized her work. Some awards include Poet Laureate for Poets at Work, 1999, and Editor's Favorite Award in Vantage Point, and Sky Blue Waters Editor's Choice Award twice. She has won First Place for Religious Poetry in The Sunflower Dream.

Wellspring, A Journal of Christian Poetry featured lines from one of Jane's poems in Poet's Market.She can be found online at PoetryRepairShop and Christian Activities, "The Mayberry Poems." Currently Jane contributes to Bell's Letters Poet.

(Photo by Elissa Malcohn: E_Journeys.)

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