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The Poetry of Nancy K. MacInnis
Space Coast Poetry Club chapter, Florida State Poets Association

Three Sijo

I laughed in thanks
to the sound of your thundering rain

Why do we wait to call You
until our hearts are dry of need

The truth is hard to face
in a place so false and barren

This drought with raging fires has
   Opened our eyes with smoke-filled tears
not enough to quench our thirst for
   your love and forgiveness
we pray for Your gracious mercy to
   rain down upon us

To know You, to live in You, to find You:
is pure happiness
For is this not what you want for us in life?
To Be Happy
Abyss of unending fountain flows up
a smiling, laughing song

© Nancy K. MacInnis Summer 1998

I thought it was just another pizza lunch

I thought it was just another pizza lunch
we were having and one of many more
You offered to pick it up, we’d eat it at
my place with my girls, one on the floor
the other in my arms, at breast, yes, lunch
at my place would be best, you could play
Grandpa or Dad with always a gift for the
little ones: coins to commemorate their birth
dates, music boxes that cover the shelves
with lullabies to help them sleep, soften their
cries, that now, make me cry…yes, I thought
it was just another pizza lunch but this time
we didn’t talk so much, both so preoccupied
with our old life, new life, the in-between life
the strife, the sick, sad life of less time together
and before long it’s a good-bye song and
I thought it was just another good-bye song
one of many more to come, but I was wrong
it was The Good-bye Song, the last good-bye song
the last pizza lunch, and after I turned to shut the door
I thought I saw you cry, when saying good-bye

©Nancy K. MacInnis 2005

Bird Of Prey

I like to imagine myself a bird of prey
traversing the airway, roads, waters
carrying The Word Of God, in my talons

The Spirit as my forward wind, carries me
to rest now and then, soaring on warm thermals
spotting the animal below with keenest eye

then descend, land before the people
much like The Angel Gabriel, before The Virgin
genuflecting with The Word

and she, the earthly, have only one fleeting question
"Who me?" He comes to enter in
all offering, through this Life, more, more, more

even within inevitable death, heaven there flies
hopeful such as I, the bird of prey
with a captured "Yes," in the oxygen, today

©Nancy K. MacInnis 2000

Nancy K. MacInnis

Nancy's latest book

Nancy was born in Wilmington DE, on November 1, 1962, and moved to the Chicago area from age 4 to 18. She was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. She attended college in Boca Raton FL, where she received her BA in Communications from Florida Atlantic University. Married and residing in Titusville for 15 years, she raises her two girls and sells real estate. Nancy's interest in poetry developed at the age of 5 when her father gave her the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. Midway through the book her father offered her $20 to finish it, which she did eagerly and with joy. She rediscovered poetry through a 6th grade class assignment on Edgar Allen Poe.

Nancy's interest in writing continues, with emphasis on journal writing. Other interests include photography, roller-skate dancing, fishing, scrapbooking and playing the harmonica (sometimes playing the instrument within her poetry). She is a member of Space Coast Poetry Club, a chapter of FSPA. To the left, you may catch a glimpse of Nancy's latest book, In The Beginning Was the Word.

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