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The Poetry of Jill Terry
First Coast Poets Society chapter, Florida State Poets Association



Intelligible only to those with special knowledge

As the moon pulls the currents
Your energy flows through me
As the air that I breathe
You are always with me

As the stars fill the sky
Your life-light brightens me
As the river flows to the sea
Your presence draws me

As the mysteries of life
This connection will not be unraveled
As the power of prayer
I find peace in you

As a spirit is illusive
So are you to me

Copyright 2006 by Jill Terry. All rights reserved.


Falls to Pieces

The sun is setting quickly and the warmth I basked in just moments before leaves me cold and unfeeling; a numbness that consumes me from the inside out, but has little to do with the chill that fills the night air.

It's the tearing apart of my heart as the seam is split and everything falls to pieces; the severing of the connection that momentarily breathed all that was real into my world, making me feel complete and whole—giving me reason to be nothing more than myself.

Copyright 2006 by Jill Terry. All rights reserved.


When Night Falls

Minutes turn to hours and hours to days
As time ticks on and dormant she lays
Staring with unseeing eyes

Having no conscious perception of what she is seeing
Focusing solely on the dull ache inside
As her heart beats on—keeping her alive

Exhaustion finally claims her
And slowly steals her away
Into fitful sleep where she cannot escape the pain

Lost moments play in her mind, as a movie in her dreams
Moments that have passed and are over
But that can never be stolen away

Then light comes and breaks the night
Signaling the rising of the sun
Forced to face another day
She wonders if the strength will come-

Copyright 2006 by Jill Terry. All rights reserved.

Jill Terry


JILL is an accomplished award winning author whose talents span several genres, including romantic suspense, paranormal thrillers, mystery/crime, and suspense thrillers, as well as poetry. Jill reports that she is a person who has found what she loves to do and keeps plugging away, despite all odds. She is a member of the First Coast Poets Society, a chapter of FSPA.

For more information visit Jill's website.

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