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The Poetry of Jan Roeder
Big Bend Poets chapter, Florida State Poets Association

More Precious Than Gold

God has given you a gift
More precious than gold
A tiny baby girl
Just a few minutes old

Though the miracle of birth
Is almost as old as time
It’s a blessing to share it
With this child of mine

The love in your eyes
Is such a joy to see
For it’s the same look I had
When you were born to me

Now every day that passes
You will love her more
Because when you become a mother
You find what your heart is for

Molly’s Special Day

Her Mother wakes up early before the light of day
She stares out the window as the darkness fades away
Like a silent movie memories parade through her mind
Of Molly’s last Birthday and all the other happy times

The first thing yesterday before Molly was even there
She chose from her closet a pretty dress for her to wear
She took from the dresser a blue ribbon for her golden hair
There’s so much to do today and yet she lingers there

She remembers the first time she held her with such tender care
Her Father would stand for hours and watch Molly as she lay there
Though the time went by so fast it wasn’t really very long
Until her Dad would rock her and sing all her favorite songs

She picks up a picture of Molly and takes it downstairs
Her blue eyes are shining and her smile shows she cares
Even though it’s early they need to be on their way
It’s Molly’s Birthday and she’s just eight years old today

By the time everyone arrives their Daughter is already there
Her Mom and Dad kneel beside her to whisper a prayer
Family and friends have gathered for Molly’s Special Day
A drunk driver hit her and then he just drove away

As they bury their Child the last thing her Parents want to hear
Is the young Man say he’s sorry for driving while drinking beer
Now he realizes as a drunk driver he’s ruined his life and others too
He was sentenced to jail and there was nothing his Parents could do

Before anyone drives and drinks they should think twice
Eventually all drunk drivers will somehow pay a price
Try to imagine living with the knowledge that you took a child’s life
If you drink and drive you’re just as guilty as if you used a knife

In the Shadows of the World

In the shadows of the world an image lingers there
Of a grieving mother filled with hopelessness and despair
As she holds her dying baby she knows it’s for the best
With no food for her stomach there is no milk from her breast

In her eyes I can see the anguish as tears run down her face
I wonder how this can happen within our human race
I hear gunshots in the distance and feel the earth as it shakes
I watch her lay her baby down no more sound does he make

Then I bow my head and for them I kneel to pray
I ask God to give her comfort on this terrible day
If I could only talk with her there’s so much I’d like to share
I’d tell her about all the people who grieve for her and care

World Peace should be our goal no matter where we live
Freedom should be a birthright not something that you give
Babies shouldn’t die from hunger or in any violent way
The world should be a safe place where children laugh and play

When I see all of the people suffering in these foreign lands
I think what a difference it would make if we’d all lend a hand
As I look around me I can see in their eyes such fear
Peace is what they dream of and what they hold most dear

Jan Roeder

"In the shadows of the world"

JAN was born and raised in Jacksonville FL. She learned to love poetry from her grandmother who would read stories and poems that rhymed to her. It wasn’t until she was in an automobile accident and was bed ridden for a year and half that she began writing poetry herself and found that she had a talent for it. Now she enjoys writing poetry, murder mystery novels and spending time with her 16 grandchildren. Jan is a member of the Big Bend Poets chapter in Tallahassee.

(Photo by Elissa Malcohn: E_Journeys.)

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