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The Poetry of Esther Marie Latz
Past-President, Sunshine Poets, Florida State Poets Association

Words on Paper

My pen
opens my mind
spilling words on paper
interacting with styles I've known
Life is,
some confusion.
Chapters recalled the times
when you knew no rhyme or reason
for choice.
I write
to capture thoughts
I saved through many years
of living experiences
now past.
In death
nothing remains
except the poems I write.
A collection for those who love
to read.

**Cinquain Sequence - 3rd Place FSPA 2004

Another Party Night
A Limerick

A young girl dated a Colonel
whose dates were strictly nocturnal.
When touching her middle
she said,"Please don't fiddle
with things I can't write in my journal."

on a spiders web
raindrops hanging out to dry
in the summer sun.

**1st Place - NFSPS Haiku Contest

Keep on Living

I touch the cup with eager lips to taste
to fondle and caress a joy held tight;
With every sip it strengthens my career
that hastens me to grow, release my fear.
To drink too fast would surely be a waste
for I would skip some knowledge in my haste.
I'll watch the evening sun set every night
then rest until it rises in my sight.
I'll learn to relish happiness with care
to hold the present close and how to share.
Now what I take from life, is what I give
to all within my reach, that's how I live.
And when my days are numbered few, I pray
I gave the best I had, to all each day.

**in Esther's chapbook, Moods, Memories and Inspirations, Volume # 3

Esther Marie Latz

Horizon at sunset
"I'll watch the evening sun"

Esther has lived in Beverly Hills FL since 1989 and, she says, "It was one of the last and best moves in my life." There she found a congenial poetry group and has enjoyed the friendship of its members ever since. Esther served as President of the Sunshine Poets in Crystal River for five years. Her children and the many friends she has made live in various areas of the state, so that keeps her traveling, as she says, "North and South, East and West." Besides remaining involved in all things poetry, Esther is active in church and church groups. When not doing all that, she stays busy with other groups doing exercise, line dancing and the arts, and also enjoys playing cards.

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