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The Poetry of James Melin
Big Bend Poets chapter, Florida State Poets Association

Between the Moon and the Sea

Somewhere between
the moon and the sea
we dance

A million birds
beat out a rhythm
with wings to air,
and we step,
our souls as one,
in time
among the stars
to celebrate
our own kinship

Nights like this
were made for us

Somewhere between
the moon and the sea

we dance

Evening at the Black Dog Cafe

Jazz piano plays
in the coffeehouse
Friends old and new
sit together
talk listen
Through the window
I see the sun set
on the lake
watch lovers
walk hand in hand
and remember
a time when I too
walked hand in hand
with my lover
around the same lake
love in my heart
jazz in my soul
Tonight the
piano plays
a lifetime of memories

Shakespeare Never Did Anything

It’s all a lie, you know
Those great plays were
all written by
someone else
someone other than
Will the Bard

At least that’s what
I heard
and why would
someone lie about that?

Aren’t there better
lies to tell?
Like the one you tell
to your future
“Yes Mrs. Peters,
that meal was wonderful!”
Or the one you tell
to your future
“No Mr. Peters,
we’re waiting until
we’re married.”
Or the lies that
politicians all
tell We the People,
“No new taxes”
“I’ll create new jobs”
“They started it with their
weapons of mass destruction”

Funny how those weapons
massively disappeared

So why would anyone
bother to lie about
What did he do to
deserve that?
Maybe he voted for
the wrong party

Gypsy Rain

"I follow the gypsy rain and its
caravan of clouds. It is freedom
and purification of the spirit,
like jazz."

Free form jazz
free falling into
my gypsy life
Kamikaze saxophone
dive bombing down
Keyboard meanderings
dancing down
all around
the heartways
the soulways
the pathways to
spiritual purity
It is Saturday night
and I am alive again
in the falling rain
James Melin

"Somewhere between the moon and the sea"

JAMES lives and writes in the Tallahassee area. He spreads the gift of poetry and prose through Moon & Sea Poetry Center, a medium for the written and spoken word. He is also the founding - and at this point only remaining - member of two bands, Tinker’s Damn (which he describes as an Irish Rockabilly band) and 32 Free (Traditional Irish/Celtic Country).

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