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The Poetry of Audrey Cooke
Tomoka Poets chapter, Daytona Beach FL
Florida State Poets Association

Hyannis Port Mourning
            [July 22, 1999]

The pilot lost horizons in the night,
the skyline bleeding into jet black seas
that swallowed up the travelers mid-flight.
Beneath the floating yellow flowered wreaths,
just ashes now.
No shrouds.
No boxes knocking
at the ocean’s floor.
As long as Cape Cod waters flow with salt,
these three will ride the tides and sail the clouds
as free in death as they were free before
the pilot lost horizons in the night.

~~~ 3rd Place, NFSPS 2009

Seize the Day!

Like sherbet ices melting on the rocks,
Monet’s pastels are fading far too fast
and Brandenburg Concertos such as Bach’s
now gather dust with albums from the past.
But you got rhythm.
Let the good times roll!
Carpe diem
with your heart and soul.
Your dead won’t come to walk this earth again.
You can’t set back the clocks once day is done.
It’s time to rise and shine and cast a glow
like sherbet ices melting on the rocks.

~~~ 1st Place, NFSPS 2003

Conflict of Interest

The heart has reasons foreign to the brain.
Each speaks a different language and forgets
it’s futile to endeavor to explain
our preferences for sunshine or for rain,
our choice of partners, pastimes, even pets.
The heart has reasons foreign to the brain.
A foghorn moan, the whistle of a train
will trigger happy memories or regrets.
It’s futile to endeavor to explain
how aftershave, a musical refrain
unlocks a secret closet and upsets.
The heart has reasons foreign to the brain
and will condone some choices quite inane
to shirk the blame and weasel out of debts.
It’s futile to endeavor to explain
how out of touch these faculties remain.
The Ego or the Id? Who’s taking bets?
The heart has reasons foreign to the brain.
It’s futile to endeavor to explain.

~~~ 1st Place, FSPA 2008

The Sun Is Bad for You

It gives you malaroma,
Glocca Morra, guacamole.
Something strange. Not wonderful.
The moon, on the other hand,
so far, remains benign
to the surface of the human skin,
at least. It can effect
the mind, they say. And heart.
But these don’t show.
What shows is uppermost.
What’s lowermost
does not count here.
I think this whole sun thing
a big conspiracy cooked up
by Communists, dermatologists,
sunscreen manufacturers,
Moonies, the blue cheese people
and some night owls.
Those graveside groupies,
the Anne Rice fans,
have a hand in it, too.

~~~ 2nd Place, NFSPS 2009

When A Princess Dies

she should not do it
in a tunnel near the Tour Eiffel
in Paris, by the Seine.
When a princess dies
she should do it
in a fairy tale by Grimm.
And when her sons,
the princes, come
to place white roses at her feet
and kneel to lay their kisses
with their tears upon her cheek,
she should wake up.
She should wake up.

~~~ 1st Place, FSPA 2000

Audrey Cooke

"The heart has reasons foreign to the brain."

AUDREY, a former college dean, high school principal, and teacher of French and English, holds degrees from Marymount College, Laval University, Catholic University and the Bread Loaf School of English. A native New Yorker from Westchester County, she is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Poetic Justice and Fondle the Yellow, Bite on the Green. Her essay collection, Poetic License, first appeared in her column which ran regularly in Of Poets and Poetry, 1995-1998.

Many prominent writers have been her mentors, including Pulitzer Prize poets, Carolyn Kizer, Gwendolyn Brooks and Richard Howard. Her own poems have captured over ninety awards.

A seasoned traveler and frequent presenter of poetry workshops, readings and lectures, Audrey resides in Daytona Beach where she is a member of the Tomoka Poets Chapter.

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